Parkville Medical Center: Feygin Lazar MD - Brooklyn - the ages of an adult

Parkville Medical Center: Feygin Lazar MD — Brooklyn

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As an internist, Dr. Feygin's strength is in diagnosis and treatment
of most of the medical and health disorders of adults. His philosophy
focuses on offering highly respectful, professional, and effective
care to each patient. Every effort is made to carefully design
treatment plans that are inclusive of the broad range and complexity
of adult health and illness. The special uniqueness of each patient,
as well as their personal goals in life and their health, are of the
utmost importance.
Parkville Medical Center. has been providing quality medical care to
our patients in Brooklyn since 2001. Our practice specializes in
internal medicine for patients over the age of 18. In this new era of
medicine. It is rare to find a physician with experience in dealing
with the specific guidelines recently imposed as well as the
difficulties of working on 'denied' cases or dealing with insurers who
frequently 'deny' authorization for needed treatment. We take pride in
our ability to treat and provide our patients with the highest quality
health care without the usual delays and holds on their treatment.
The staff is well versed in all aspects of treatment and is able to
cater to your needs with the highest level of professionalism and
competence. Transportation, medications, and referrals are handled
quickly and efficiently by the office staff. We make sure that every
aspect of the patients’ health is cared for in terms of treating the
patient as a whole. With all this in mind, we invite you to utilize
the expertise in caring for your health. We look forward to the
opportunity to work with you and relish the chance to get to know you